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Hanover Roof and Plaza Pavers create serviceable, functional and attractive roof spaces. The pavers provide durability, protection and performance for the roof system from harsh weather conditions. A textured Tudor® finish provides slip resistant properties making Hanover® Pavers safer than gravel ballast for pedestrians. By elevating the pavers, water is channeled away from the surface. Roof Pavers allow easy access to the roof and waterproofing system for repairs or standard maintenance procedures. Whether your project is a roof, deck, plaza or terrace, Hanover® Roof Pavers are serviceable, functional and attractive.

Product Info

Sizes range from nominal 12” x 12” to 24” x 48”
Compressive Strength: 8500 psi
Flexural Strength: 1100 psi
Absorption: less than 5%
Density: 155 lbs/ft3
Recommended for pedestrian use only
Wide range of standard and custom colors
Available as a Single Source component from several waterproofing manufacturers