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Our experience installing high-quality clay tile is unmatched. Interlocking clay tiles create a stunningly beautiful roof that can last for 100 years or more. We support Masterpiece Tile as the premier supplier of the finest imported clay tile. Their dedicated professionalism is unique to the industry. For American produced clay tile, we maintain a preferred relationship with Ludowici tile, having recently been award Crown Roofer status.


Concrete tile is an economical alternative to clay tile. Offered in many styles and colors, it is found on a diverse range of projects. Roofcrafters, Inc. utilizes proprietary installation techniques that result in breathtaking aesthetics.


Since 1888, Ludowici has been protecting buildings large and small with applications ranging from commercial to university, government to military, bungalows to mansions, locally and globally. Ludowici terra cotta roof tiles are a sensible and sustainable building product choice. Every Ludowici terra cotta tile is produced using proven technology creating a finished product that meets the needs of both yesterday and the future.

Today, Ludowici continues to operate in its original manufacturing facility in New Lexington, Ohio. Ludowici Roof Tile proudly represents Ohio as one of the oldest continuous operating businesses.


Crown Roof Tiles produces a wide variety of profiles that meet the demands of today’s design requirements.

The company offers a range of High and Low profile barrel tiles complemented by three types of Windsor Flat roof tiles.

  • Sanibel
  • Tuscany
  • Windsor Slate
  • Windsor Shake
  • Windsor Split Shake


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Boral is a construction materials group providing services to Australia and North America. Boral has been in business for 75 years. In Australia, Boral is the largest roofing company and Boral is hoping to make that impact here in North America.

Boral provides many services and has everything you need to get any roofing project done.

  • Boral Roof Tile and Components
  • US Tile by Boral
  • Boral Steel Stone Coated Roofing
  • Inspire Roofing Products
  • Roof System Components